The award-winning GPS tracking system TrackPilot is one of the most innovative solutions for vehicle tracking and route planning in Germany. Users of different industries use TrackPilot to increase the performance and efficiency of their fleet and significantly reduce their fleet costs. Logistics consulting and strategic tour optimization are further business areas of PLT GmbH. Let us now advise you and ask for a non-binding offer.


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Operating principle TrackPilot

Funktionsprinzip TrackPilot

GPS tracking

Über TrackPilot

TrackPilot ist ein cloudbasierter Ortungsdienst. Ohne zusätzliche Software installieren zu müssen, nutzen Sie das Ortungssystem ganz einfach über den Internetbrowser auf PC, Laptop, Smartphone oder Tablet. Neben GPS Tracking und Routenverfolgung bietet TrackPilot eine Vielzahl weiterer nützlicher Funktionen.

PLT Compact OBD

PLT OBD-Tracker 010

OBD GPS Tracker

Das Ortungsmodul PLT Compact OBD ist ein Tracker zur Ortung von PKW und Nutzfahrzeugen. Das Modul wird einfach in die OBD Buchse des Fahrzeugs eingesteckt und zwei sichtbare LEDs signalisieren nach wenigen Sekunden, dass das Modul einsatzbereit ist. Die Installation ist so einfach, dass kein Werkstattbesuch notwendig ist und keine Einbaukosten entstehen. Sobald der PLT Compact OBD Tracker im Fahrzeug eingesteckt ist, können Sie die Position des Fahrzeugs in Echtzeit verfolgen.

Was kann TrackPilot?


The award-winning GPS tracking system TrackPilot is one of the most innovative solutions for vehicle tracking and route planning in Germany. Users of different industries use TrackPilot to increase the efficiency and efficiency of their fleet and significantly reduce their logistics costs. Logistics consulting and strategic tour optimization are further business areas of PLT GmbH.
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GPS Tracking System

TrackPilot is a cloud-based location service. Without having to install additional software, you can easily use the location system via the Internet browser on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. In addition to GPS tracking and route tracking TrackPilot offers a variety of other useful features.

TrackPilot rates

TrackPilot is available in three different rates. Depending on the task, vehicle type or fleet size, every company will find the right tariff at the best price-performance ratio. No matter how much your vehicles drive or how often you use the system – vehicle location is always based on the flat rate principle.

Success Stories

Wherever a fleet of vehicles or other mobile units are used to provide transportation or service, TrackPilot helps increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. Find out in numerous user reports how your company will benefit as well.


TrackPilot success stories

We are convinced of the efficiency and advantages of the TrackPilot tracking system and our users will find that as well. Take a look at the TrackPilot success stories and find out what added value GPS positioning can create for your company.

Operating principle TrackPilot

GPS transmitter

For vehicle tracking via GPS you need a reliable solution that is tailored to the different requirements of your fleet. Depending on the purpose, PLT’s GPS trackers offer you various GPS positioning features and solutions tailored to the specific requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications. Use the PLT location systems to facilitate fleet logistics and optimize the performance of your fleet.

GPS devices and accessories

Depending on the application, the following GPS devices with accessories are available:    

  • PLT Compact Compact, affordable GPS module for GPS tracking & tracing
  • PLT Compact-Mobile The solution when fixed installation is not possible
  • PLT Compact-Profi Large range of functions and modular expandable
  • PLT Personal-Tracker Person tracking with the smallest device in its class

Web portal for GPS tracking and tour planning

With the GPS tracking portal TrackPilot from PLT, you can access all the important information about the vehicle fleet with a few mouse clicks and create meaningful reports at the touch of a button. The solution’s various functions greatly simplify vehicle monitoring and data evaluation. TrackPilot GPS tracking also allows for professional trip planning, with the help of which the progress of the tour can be followed live and possible delays can be counteracted at an early stage. You can test the TrackPilot GPS tracking system immediately and for free. Contact our consulting team and you will receive your access data today and, if desired, a GPS transmitter by mail.

GPS tracking – your advantages at a glance

Time & money

GPS locating relieves disposition and operations center. Unnecessary waiting times are avoided, arrival times can be better predicted.

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Customer Service

Improve your customer service by always being accurately informed thanks to GPS tracking. Inform your customers in time about delays, pick-up and arrival times.

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Permanent connection to employees, current position of your vehicles. Avoid detours, unplanned stops and delays.

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Automatically create and export an electronic logbook, tour reports and stop lists. TrackPilot GPS tracking eliminates manual documentation.

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Tour planning for efficient fleet management

The TrackPilot route planning and route optimization is the perfect tool for logistics planning and scheduling. Powerful calculation methods and a variety of planning functions guarantee a fast distribution of orders and delivery addresses for optimal tours. The planning software is not tied to the use in certain industries and is used both for the operational planning, as well as for the strategic optimization of complex route plans.

Route optimization


Optimize your routes with TrackPilot by automatically bringing the given delivery points into optimal order. The ability to filter according to the shortest or fastest route, as well as the calculation of individual speed parameters and time windows significantly reduces labor and time requirements.

Tour optimization


An optimal tour plan is ensured by the free optimization of the TrackPilot software. With a few settings of the software parameters, they can put together optimized tours from a given order book. TrackPilot does this in a few minutes, unlike the manual route optimization.

GPS analysis


As an option, TrackPilot route planning in combination with the GPS transmitters installed in your vehicles offers the perfect opportunity to evaluate important vehicle and tour data. The analysis via GPS locating is an optional function of the route optimization by TrackPilot from PLT.

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