Innovation and practical know-how determine the success of our product range and services in the areas of telematics, fleet management and tour planning.

Users of the TrackPilot system come from a wide range of industries, such as transport & logistics, service, maintenance, trade or distribution. With our integrated GPS tracking and tour planning system, fleet movements can be tracked in real time and tours can be planned effectively. In meaningful reports, all movements can be analyzed and optimized down to the smallest detail. Professional tour planning as well as bidirectional communication with the driver are also integrated.

TrackPilot can be customized for your IT landscape – from the single-user version to the extensive server application. PLT thus offers a complete solution that combines state-of-the-art GPS positioning technology with intelligent route planning as well as practical navigation and communication. We support companies in their daily work and help to minimize costs. We offer our solutions for the whole of Europe, especially for all professional fleet operators.

Due to the steadily growing demands to increase efficiency and to optimize the use of resources, companies outside the traditional logistics sectors also use our solutions. With an innovative product that meets the needs of various industries, PLT will continue to be a strong partner in the business-to-business market.

Strong partners for a strong product!

Especially in the areas of communication, components and digital mapping PLT relies on the cooperation
with strong and leading partners.

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