Since 2006, TrackPilot software has stood for quality and innovation in GPS vehicle tracking. Logistic, service, craft and service companies rely on TransPilot to coordinate vehicles, people and mobile units with the award-winning system. Fast and reliable location information increases the daily productivity of your company! TrackPilot captures and archives all GPS motion data and provides you with a wealth of meaningful reports and statistics about your fleet. With just a few clicks you will receive valuable evaluations and key figures that in the past you could only generate with considerable effort. Make TrackPilot the central communication platform in your company and additionally secure your vehicle fleet effectively against theft and unauthorized use!

Real time gps tracking

Exact track records

Electronic logbook

Roue planning & order scheduling

Statistics & reports

Messaging & communication *

Navigation (tours & orders) *

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TrackPilot success stories

Wherever a fleet of vehicles or other mobile units are used to provide transport or service, TrackPilot helps increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. Learn in the videos how your company will benefit as well.

Real time tracking at a courier service

Fast response in case of emergency

Theft protection for construction machinery

Fewer phone calls in customer service

Accurate work time recording

User Story: The time saved alone is a win!

The experts from Climatech are traveling throughout Europe. Keeping track of the fleet is not easy. That’s why the company uses GPS-based vehicle tracking to coordinate vehicles. The system makes work much easier and reduces costs.

DIE KÄLTE + Klimatechnik (Edition 03-2016, p. 80-81)
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Different GPS transmitters for different requirements

PLT offers a range of different GPS transmitters, all of which are compatible with the TrackPilot tracking system. From the permanently installed blackbox in the vehicle, to mobile trackers, to the mini transmitter to carry in your pocket – with us you will find the right solution. The TrackPilot GPS trackers are compatible with virtually any vehicle type. Regardless of specific manufacturers and makes the GPS location of trucks and cars is possible. Construction machinery, swap bodies, trailers or containers can also be equipped with the small positioning modules. The TrackPilot GPS trackers differ in price and functionality. On the following pages you will find an overview of the available devices with exact function descriptions.

Cloud solution for GPS vehicle tracking – Online tracking portal

In addition to the appropriate transmitters, effective fleet management requires suitable software. With TrackPilot you can see in real-time where your vehicles are currently and whether they are standing, being loaded or unloaded. In addition, you can change the tours of your vehicles at any time and, for example, add additional customers to the routes. In addition, with the tour planning solutions of the company PLT you increase the efficiency of your fleet and that of your employees. Here, the technically experienced employees of PLT offer you the best advice on GPS vehicle tracking. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access all important information and create meaningful reports at the touch of a button. You can test the TrackPilot Portal immediately and for free. Contact our consulting team and you will receive your access data today.

Cloud solution for GPS vehicle tracking – Online tracking portal

The TrackPilot tracking system is compatible with virtually all vehicle types and is suitable for use in a wide variety of industries. All companies that use a vehicle fleet to provide transport or service services benefit from the enormous benefits of GPS-based vehicle location. Convince yourself and read interesting practical reports from your industry: TrackPilot users

Useful in different application areas


In an independent field test of the trade magazine Telematik-Markt the TrackPilot GPS vehicle location was named test winner. Professional competence, fair consultation, simple operation and the high quality of the positioning hardware led to the clear judgment. Convince yourself and test the TrackPilot system for vehicle tracking – for free and without obligation to buy!

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