This is how easy the TrackPilot GPS locating system works: A mobile or permanently installed GPS transmitter (tracker) receives the GPS satellite signal and thus permanently determines its current location. These position data are sent in real time over the mobile network to the PLT data center.

All you need is an Internet connection to access your vehicle data and GPS station positions from any PC, smartphone or tablet. An overview of the functions of the TrackPilot system for vehicle location can be found here: Tariff comparison GPS location and route planning

For almost any purpose, PLT offers a suitable GPS tracking device, which is tailored to the specific requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications.

GPS Tracker PLT Compact

PLT Compact ist a robust gps tracker that weighs only 100 grams and has a special protection against manipulation and intentional interference attempts. With all the basic positioning functions and integrated GPS receiver in conjunction with the TrackPilot tracking portal, you get an exact position monitoring. The lightweight GPS device can be installed in just a few easy steps in almost all vehicle types. It is reliably protected against theft and unauthorized use by means of an electronic logbook and meter-accurate track record.

GPS tracker PLT Compact OBD

PLT OBD Tracker

PLT Compact OBD is a simple GPS tracker for locating cars and commercial vehicles and is excellently suited for all applications in which a solid and permanent installation in the vehicle is not possible – for example when using short-term rented vehicles. The device establishes a mobile Internet connection via GPRS and transmits position data, speed, ignition status and many other status information in real time. All vehicles that have the 16-pin OBD-2 diagnostic socket can be located with this small GPS transmitter.

PLT Compact-Profi


PLT Compact-Profi is one of the most successful gps trackers of its kind. The reliable, robust and manufacturer-independent GPS locator has been installed more than 250,000 times and is compatible with virtually every vehicle type. The very compact format of the black box allows a hidden installation and optimal protection against theft. Should the mobile network be temporarily unavailable, allows the large internal data storage an uninterrupted tracing.

PLT Compact Mobile


If the permanent installation of a GPS locating device is not possible for short-term rented replacement vehicles, frequently changing subcontractors or for other reasons, the mobile version PLT Compact Mobile is the right solution. With a suction cup mount, the compact device can be easily attached to the windshield. Thus, it is easy to install and remove and optimally suitable for vehicle replacement.

PLT Personal-Tracker

PLT Personal Tracker NG

The PLT Personal Stapler is characterized by an intelligent power saving concept, which results in a good battery life. The GPS Tracker can be hung on a belt, in a jacket pocket or on a backpack because it is as small as a matchbox. This makes it ideal for people positioning. In addition, the GPS receiver combines a low weight, a compact design and a battery in the device itself. Should the mobile network be temporarily unavailable, allows the large internal data storage an uninterrupted track tracing.

TrackPilot GO!

TrackPilot Go! Logo

TrackPilot Go! turns a commercially available smartphone or tablet into a GPS tracking device for commercial fleet fleets or field service companies from trade, commerce, service, transport and logistics. The app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android) and installed on all common mobile devices.

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