The TrackPilot GPS positioning system works very simply an is easy to use: With the TrackPilot GPS black box, your vehicles are permanently connected to the control center. To view and manage the data, all you need is an Internet connection. The installation of additional software is not required. Simply call the TrackPilot tracking portal in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and log in with your personal username and password. Among other things, the GPS location system is characterized by its extremely user-friendly menu navigation and intuitive functionality. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access all important information and create meaningful reports at the touch of a button.
You can try out the TrackPilot GPS tracking system immediately and for free. Contact our consulting team and you will receive your access data for the tracking portal today. On request, we will also send you a GPS device that you can install in a vehicle.
  • The managing director emphasizes: "Especially the live monitoring is a great help. Because if we know where our vehicles are at the moment, we can best serve all orders that come in at short notice and intervene immediately! "The simple search for the vehicle that is closest to the job site is particularly helpful for job planning.

    Photovoltaik (Edition 06/16, p. 150 - 152) Click here to read the full article (in German only).
TrackPilot GPS tracking system

GPS vehicle monitoring

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

The most important data of the vehicle such as GPS position information, speeds or driving directions are always accessible through the TrackPilot portal. With the very accurate maps, completed routes can be displayed completely; it is possible to switch between satellite view and map display. These map functions make it easier to keep track of the surroundings of the vehicles and are especially helpful for the employees in the dispatching department.

Electronic logbook

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

The private use of the company car is documented by a logbook and proven useful for the tax office. A separate monetary benefit is calculated on the basis of the actual share of private use. Thus, the amount is usually lower than in a one-percent rule. Especially if private trips are rarely undertaken, here are the advantages of a GPS logbook. The electronic logbook is created with a mouse click in the TrackPilot GPS tracking system.

Reports & Statistics

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

Only with reliable and meaningful information can a good business decision be made. TrackPilot provides accurate logbooks and working time reports as well as numerous evaluations and statistics to effectively control staff and fleet. With just a few clicks, you can generate various reports and export them on request.

Route planning & route optimization

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

TrackPilot is the only tracking platform with fully integrated trip planning. Intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling and automatic route optimization allow you to quickly optimize strategic itineraries and schedule service or delivery orders. The live target / actual comparison and the connection to the navigation simplify the work in the disposition and improve service quality.

Ecodrive: driving behavior analysis & driver safety

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

Objectively assessing the driving behavior of its drivers is difficult. Here TrackPilot ecodrive offers a possibility. With the help of various scores ecodrive rates each driver individually and objectively in terms of economical and safe driving. A total value determined from the scores provides the basis for the TrackPilot driver league. From this league, for example, a reward system can result, which increases the quality and efficiency of the fleet.

Route Playback

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

Are you looking for information on a specific point of the day trip? With the new route playback function you can track routes easily! The route of the entire day is displayed clearly and is now even easier to understand. You can also set the speed of playing!


TrackPilot GPS tracking system

You want to know about road limitations for your vehicles when planning your trip? For altitude, latitude and weight restrictions, see the Truck view, which you can display using the map selector.

Smartphone App

Ortungs App

From a normal smartphone, the TrackPilot Go! App quickly a GPS locator for commercial purposes. As a result, employees in the field, such as drivers or field staff, permanently connected to the headquarters. The app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Prerequisite for the use of the app is a valid TrackPilot user agreement.

Send tasks to drivers


Should a change in the tour plan have to be made at short notice, the TrackPilot GPS tracking system can send order changes or text messages to the driver in real time. The latter only has to accept the order in his navigation system, because the address of the destination is also sent. In addition, preformulated text modules simplify communication. This exchange of information eliminates common sources of error and minimizes phone traffic. Labor and communication costs can be saved so easily.

GPS theft protection


The TrackPilot GPS tracking system automatically generates vehicle tracking and alarm reporting alerts, so you always have information about important events. This informs about the ignition control at defined times of day or about leaving or entering certain areas. Should the driver trigger an alarm such as the emergency switch, this message will be sent in real time via SMS or e-mail. The security for the vehicle fleet is thus guaranteed.

Automatic address assignment

The display of the customer locations in the map enables the spontaneous reaction to customer inquiries. Immediately can be determined by a rangefinder, the vehicle that has the shortest route to the place of use. The location of a vehicle is detected by means of safety circuits by the GPS locating system. Thereupon the arrival time as well as the service life and the departure time are assigned to the customer and recorded in the tour report.

Integration & Data Interface

Large amounts of data (eg address or order information, tour lists or logbooks) can be easily imported and exported in the CSV file format. In all cases in which a permanent data exchange is important, TrackPilot can be connected to existing enterprise software (eg ERP systems) via the TrackPilot data interface.

Installation of GPS devices in the vehicle

TrackPilot GPS tracking system

For almost any purpose, PLT offers a suitable GPS tracker for vehicle location, which is tailored to the specific requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications. All modules for installation in the vehicle provide all basic functions of the vehicle location and are equipped with a special protection against manipulation and failure attempts.

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