PLT offers solutions for long-term, strategic route optimization, for fixed route plans or for the re-allocation of delivery regions. By taking into account the individual requirements and goals of your company, you reduce your logistics costs by up to 25 percent.

When dispatching a vehicle fleet, it is necessary in view of rising costs to save labor and time through strategic tour planning. The restructuring of the tours with already completed logistics consulting by PLT Consulting resulted in an average kilometer saving of 11%. Some companies have been able to save up to 25% on logistics and fleet costs.

For optimal trip planning or optimization, the use of professional software is of great importance. The independent use of a tour planning software creates additional work and time, such as installation, expansion of the IT infrastructure, training for employees and expansion of personnel capacities. In a planning by PLT in the context of a joint project, this is no longer necessary.

  • „Die Tourenumstellung verlief reibungslos und alle Kunden wurden pünktlich beliefert. Wir sind mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden. Als nächstes werden wir auch die Optimierung der Sonntagstouren wieder mit Hilfe und Unterstützung durch die Firma PLT angehen“

    Volker Beyerlein | Geschäftsleiter IT/Logistik Düsseldorfer Presse Vertrieb & Leister GmbH & Co. KG

Our solution concepts

Our solution concepts are tailored to companies that want to be advised once about optimization options for logistics and fleet costs in relation to the existing tour planning. In addition, the logistics consulting is aimed at companies that require a detailed introduction to the work with a tour planning software and / or would like to receive an optimally designed tour concept. Advice on strategic route optimization can be particularly worthwhile in the case of one-time, long-term planning and represent a sensible alternative to the purchase and use of tour planning software. If the logistics of your company are characterized by solid structures and the route optimization is carried out strategically and at longer intervals, you should consider consulting with the expert team of PLT Consulting.

The individual requirements and goals of your company for the tour planning are taken into account in every planning step. As a software specialist for logistics and transport, we support companies from all industries in the control and planning of logistics. Benefit in many ways from our many years of experience in the optimization of complex logistics networks:

Lowering logistics costs

An optimal planning of your tours and driving sequences ensures a reduction in costs by the savings of tours or vehicles, driving distance and travel time with optimal capacity utilization of the vehicle capacities in compliance with all customer restrictions.
Planning by experts

Planning by experts

The many years of experience and the know-how of our team of experts from logistics and business mathematicians gathered in many projects provides the best basis for optimizing your planning case even further.

No internal costs

Ihnen entstehen keine zusätzlichen Kosten für den Erwerb von Softwarelizenzen, Hardware, Schulungen, Installation sowie Wartung – zudem reduziert sich der interne Personalaufwand während eines Optimierungsprojektes auf ein Minimum.

Strategic tour planning as a service

More and more companies are choosing to hire planning experts from PLT to optimize their tours. In the following cases, outsourcing tour planning can be a sensible and economically attractive alternative to the purchase and use of trip planning software:

  •  Strategic tour optimization
  • Optimization of fixed tour plans
  • Redistribution of delivery areas

The advantages are obvious: while you take care of your day-to-day business, the PLT planning professionals optimize your tours. You benefit from the bundled planning know-how of an experienced team of experts consisting of logistics experts and business mathematicians. The advantages at a glance:

  • No investment in software licenses and computer infrastructure
  • No staff commitment for building know-how and planning
  • High planning quality by specialized planning experts

Strategic tour planning: identifying savings potential

Fixed frame tours grow and change over time. This can result in a great need for optimization – especially when the tour design has not yet been studied with modern techniques such as route planning software and algorithms. But even with already optimized tour structures, the need for replanning often results from the expansion of delivery areas, changed framework conditions (eg order volumes, new tour start times) or relocation.

In an individual potential analysis, we determine from your excursion format (also anonymised) tour data, which savings and optimization potential is in consideration of all the parameters you specify in your tours. The results of the analysis will be sent to you afterwards or presented live to you in an online presentation by appointment.

Logistics consulting & strategic route planning

Lower logistics costs through strategic tour planning

Thanks to professional tour planning and the resulting optimal tour compositions and route guidance, you can significantly reduce your transport costs with fewer vehicles and a shorter route.
For completed projects, a tour restructuring has resulted in an average kilometer saving of 11%. Some companies even managed to save up to 25% on logistics and fleet costs.
Logistics consulting & strategic route planning

Consideration of all requirements

Whether it’s a significant cost reduction through savings on the route, time or number of vehicles required, the associated reduction in CO2 emissions, an increase in customer satisfaction or a better utilization of the existing fleet – the individual requirements and goals of your company to the tour planning are in every planning step considered. Likewise, all restrictions and influencing factors such as downtime, time windows, delivery quantities, vehicle capacities and other individual restrictions, wishes and ideas are included in the planning process.

Logistics consulting & strategic route planning

No purchase of expensive software

For a comprehensive tour planning or optimization usually the acquisition of a software license is necessary. Added to this are the installation effort, if necessary an expansion of the IT infrastructure, training for employees or the creation of additional personnel capacities. This is no longer necessary when planning by PLT in a joint project.
Our solution concepts are tailored to companies who want to have the area tour planning investigated once or want to receive an optimally designed touring concept despite no or only gradually taking place a tour planning software.

  • Unser Know-How und die technischen Möglichkeiten in Verbindung mit Ihren Praxiskenntnissen sorgen für ein optimales Planungsergebnis

    Das PLT Consulting-Team

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