The TrackPilot route planning software ensures optimal tour compositions and driving sequences. Together with the clear presentation TrackPilot simplifies the disposition and thereby reduces your logistics costs – by up to 15%. Numerous planning functions optimize industry-independent coordination between scheduling, vehicles and customers.

Efficient fleet management

Tour planning with the TrackPilot software is suitable for companies that deliver goods, execute scheduled service orders or perform other services on schedule. TrackPilot is already considered the industry standard in many logistics companies and is used in a wide range of applications. The numerous planning functions of the software are applicable to all sectors and lead to an efficient fleet management, which optimizes the coordination between vehicle fleet, vehicles and customer locations. Even for experienced logistics professionals, this planning without the use of professional software is usually tedious, time-consuming and often not optimal. By using the TrackPilot route planning software, you can ideally complement the practical experience of your logistics planner.

The TrackPilot software offers you decisive advantages in the tour planning of your fleet compared to similar products. A large number of the functions offered are unique in nature and are only offered through the TrackPilot tour planning software.

Fleet management with the route planning software from PLT

TrackPilot route planning software enables efficient logistics planning and disposition of your fleet and is used both for operational planning and for the strategic optimization of complex route plans. Powerful calculation methods and a variety of planning functions guarantee a fast distribution of orders and delivery addresses for optimal tours. The daily tours can be optimized with the help of the tour planning software, both with regard to the routes to be traveled and travel times, as well as the number of vehicles to be used.

Route optimization


The TrackPilot software automatically puts predetermined delivery points in the optimal order. Depending on your requirements, you can set these according to the shortest or fastest route. Individual speed parameters and time windows are taken into account when optimizing your routes. So the coordination in the tour planning is as accurate as possible.

Route optimization

With the module “Free optimization” you can create an optimal tour plan from a given order book with just a few mouse clicks. The powerful and intelligent algorithm of the TrackPilot software calculates optimal tour compositions within a very short time. Tour optimization, which takes several hours using conventional methods, can be accomplished in just a few minutes by the TrackPilot software.

GPS Analysis

GPS Analyse

GPS analysis is an optional tour optimization feature with PLT’s TrackPilot software. The acquisition and evaluation of the GPS data requires the use of special GPS transmitters in the vehicle. By recording the tour data, they can monitor the implementation of tour planning in practice and thus receive valuable information about actual tour progress, unloading times and speeds.

Lower logistics costs

We’ll show you what you can do to cut costs. Optimal tour compositions and driving sequences reduce costs by saving touring or vehicles, driving distance and driving time.

Faster planning

A lot of time is lost for the right composition of transport requests – or it is only suboptimal due to time pressure. With the TrackPilot, however, optimal tours can be calculated in the shortest possible time.

Better overview

The graphical user interface provides a good overview of the software tours and identifies weak points. The drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to move and toggle orders.

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