TrackPilot Go! is the perfect complement to the TrackPilot tracking system. With TrackPilot Go! Turns a commercially available smartphone or tablet into a GPS tracking device for commercial fleet fleets or field service companies from trade, commerce, service, transport and logistics.

The app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android) and installed on all common mobile devices (prerequisite for using the app is a valid TrackPilot user agreement). After installation, registration and subsequent activation takes place in the TrackPilot tracking portal.

On this page you will find information about the main features of TrackPilot Go! If you are interested in how TrackPilot Go! in workflows and processes (eg publishing and press logistics) within your company or if you use TrackPilot Go! We would be pleased to advise you. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and uses of the TrackPilot Go! App.

TrackPilot Go! Download mobile app


You can TrackPilot Go! Download for free via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

GPS tracking

As soon as TrackPilot Go! Started, the app transmits the GPS coordinates of the smartphone in real time. In the TrackPilot tracking portal, the current positions can be displayed and distances traveled can be evaluated. The availability of accurate location information simplifies communication between dispatchers, employees and customers. The seamless recording of the movement data also allows the permanent comparison between planned routes and actually driven route. Deviations or delays are automatically detected by the system and it can be timely responded.

100 Ortung

Send orders to device


Orders will be sent as individual stops or as part of an entire tour directly from the TrackPilot Portal to TrackPilot Go! Posted. Once the driver has accepted the order, the navigation starts.

In addition to the address information and time window, each order can be supplemented with a variety of additional information or photos that facilitate, for example, orientation on-site or the completion of the job.

Delivery & proof of delivery

TrackPilot Go!
TrackPilot Go!

Achieving the goal, delivery or performance performed in TrackPilot Go! be documented with a completion note.

In addition to a freely definable status selection, further detection functions are available:


Photo function

Barcode scan

communikation & live chat

The chat feature greatly facilitates communication with drivers and field staff. Use instant messages to avoid annoying phone calls. Send your drivers a short message or let them know about delays. Create and save custom message templates and read messages from the app. With mass mailing, you can also send messages to all drivers at the same time.



TrackPilot Go!
TrackPilot Go!

Zwischenstopps einer Tour oder einzelne Adressen werden aus TrackPilot Go! automatisch an Ihre bevorzugte Navigations-App übergeben
(z. B. HERE WeGo).

route navigation

TrackPilot Go!
TrackPilot Go!

Tours are created manually or automatically in the TrackPilot Portal and assigned to a driver or vehicle. In the TrackPilot Go! App will be displayed to each driver assigned to his tours and can be rejected or accepted and started directly.

Due to the real-time synchronization of the tour progress and the course of the route between the online portal and the app, the dispatcher or dispatcher are always informed about the current route.

TrackPilot Go! Download mobile app


You can TrackPilot Go! Download for free via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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